Saturday, August 28, 2010

I am learning more every day about why things happen.

I have just finished writing an article and I am not sure when it will be publiched in a newsletter I have submitted it to, but I am putting it in my blog so you all can see it. It is important that we all know what is happening and why it is happening. So read on and enjoy.

Humanism-A Revolutionary Danger.
In society today, we are surrounded with concepts like psychology and philosophy. We have learned of theorists like Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung. Freud tried to tell us about psychotherapy and Jung advocated spiritualoism. All this has resulted in a confused worldview—so confused, in fact, that students in Christian schools are not well grounded in their faith.
What is happening in schools today to make our children and grandchildren have such a confused worldview? In 1961, in a court case called Torcelo versus Watkins, Atheistic Humanism was established in the US as a state church. Humanism is related to cultism, occultism, atheism, and liberal theology. In 1969, actress Jane Fonda spoke to Massachusetts Uni versity and said if they would study Communism, that they would hope and pray that they would soon become Communists. Karl Marx was a professed Christian who turned atheist and formed Communism.
Statistically, it looks bad when our schools will teach Hinduism and Islam, but forbid the mention of Jesus Christ. According to the Humanist Manifesto I, the original one, which was written and signed in 1933, and later revised to make it more “palatable” to the masses, it is a product of many minds. It was designed to represent a “Developing point of view”, and “not a new creed”, although it has become a creed to politics, the schools and some churches.
Humanism denies creation and that man is in the image of God. It refers to man’s development according to a process, which probably means that they advocate the theory of evolution. They hold an organic view of life and reject that the mind has a spiritual side to it at all. Humanism leans toward anthropology, which considers religion as a means of explaining the origin of things and nothing more. Thus, they render unacceptable anything cosmic or supernatural. Humanism therefore insists that the way to determine the existence and value of realities is by means of “intelligent inquiry” and by their assessment of their relation to human minds.
Do we wonder why people in education and other realms are so confused? Parents are bringing up their kids and teachers have to teach according to this stuff. Humanists deny theism, deism, modernism, and all the varieties of new thought. They justify the removal of prayer and even the mention of God or Christ in the schools by eliminating the emotional aspects of reverence to the supernatural.
The top insult of Humanism is that they think that the religious forms and ideas of our forefathers are “no longer adequate” as if God has suddenly left the picture completely. I experienced some of this in a cult that God brought me out of, and I want the rest of the world to know about this.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I took two finals today.

Today was the last day of the Fall Quarter at my College, where I take two classes, once a week. I drive twenty five miles on the freeway to get to my college, and the day is enjoyable. Tonight, I started my car to make the trip home, and two of my class mates, a married couple who work on cars, gave me their phone number in case I ever need help with my car, since last week, I was having trouble getting it to start. It just dawned on me that in these times when most people would not care if the next guy had problems or not, these people actually were a refreshing change from that norm. Just another observation on what is happening in my sphere.

The times that try men's souls.

As I think that everything is not so good in the world, I think of the reasons for the conditions which are so troubling. I think about how humans are greedy, and all they think about is themselves; I think about people who talk about things they are concerned about, and it ends up to be a gossip session; I think about misunderstandings among friends, and apologies that are never made. We all need to learn to better communicate our needs and feelings to one another, and there needs to be true repentance when we are wrong, and we need to be willing to admit that we are wrong; when we are in want, we need to think that maybe we are not the only ones who are in want. So many of us are in a hurry; to go where? Are we so rushed that we cannot see the forest for the trees? Make it a point next time you see a flower to be thankful for it; somebody may have taken the time to water it and prune it so that it reached a beauty that is unsurpassed. It is there for us to see.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How Do You Function These Days?

In a world of ups and downs, how do we stay sane? It is actually not easy, but it can be done.

One can develop interests to take away the pressure of everyday things. One can read up on whatever things are problematic in life. Education is the key. Staying up on top of everything this world has to offer. Keeping current on the latest technological breakthroughs, and not being afraid to try new things.

For example, there are things in the kitchen that help us perform tasks that are crucial to our existence. Sometimes it just helps to learn about the workings of appliance that can make it easier. Also in the realm of automotive things. If we are not up on the workiings of our car, for example, we can get bogged down in mechanical issues. And how about the workiings of our computers? That can get quite burdensome if we don't understand what is going on with things.

So take a class, read a book, get information at the Library or over the Internet. If we know what is going on, we will be less stressed.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

These are the times that try men's souls.

I remember reading about the end times in the bible. It said that men will be lovers of themselves. It said that men would be lovers of money. It said that men would be unthankful and disloyal. It also said that from these things we should turn away, not get involved in them. However, the trend is to be really aware of these things. The trend is to marvel at these things. The trend is to wish that one could imitate these things. We all want to be rich. We all want to look good. When somebody does something nice for us, there is never a thank you; there is instead a going forward as if that thing never happened. Our kids see us do these things. Our kids will imitate what they see. Will the next generation be the same, intensified, or worse?

It is up to us.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Today I went to work

Today, I went to work, but I went to the wrong school.  I looked at my schedule, and saw that I needed to go fifteen more miles.  I needed gas; I was on fumes.  When I got to the school, the secretary gave me a list of rooms to go to and the times when I was to go to them.  That was all right.  I went to the break room and had two cookies and a cup of coffee.  Then I went to the first class room.  It was a math class.  I supervised a project that they had to do.  Then I had to go to another room, which was also a math class.  That one was not so good.  There was a student who did not want to do anything.  This math teacher had given out Hot Wheels cars to measure and write down the measurements, however, the student wanted to play with  the cars.  I took them away from him, and everybody argued with me.  After that class, I had a break, because there were no kids in the next room I went to.  I told this teacher from the other class that his students were playing with the cars that they were supposed to be measuring.  I talked for a while to the security guard, and then went to my next assignment.  This teacher had the kids for two periods, and most of them were serious students.  Then I had to cover an extra one, for only a few minutes, and another sub came to relieve me.  She took over and told the kids that the only one who was going to yell was her.  I didn’t listen anymore.  The worst class was one in which I had to operate some kind of computer thingy that I had never seen.  It was a math quiz thing, where the kids punched in the answers on a kind of calculator thing.  The whole day turned out to be really tiring, because my legs hurt, but God got me through it.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I am listening to Sa

I am listening to Sandler and Young’s Christmas CD on my laptop and my husband is lying down after church on Christmas Eve.  It is a lazy night after the rush of the season is over.  The busiest day of the season was the 16th of December, as we had dinner and gift giving at Terry’s and in the evening I had my potluck in the clubhouse.  Both went quite well, I must say.  I am beginning to appreciate Doug’s family, as they all treat each other with the ultimate respect on holidays now.  There is no back biting as there once was.  Nobody drinks too much, and everybody is polite.  This year we had a new guest, Jake’s new partner, Jan West, from our park.  She plans to move to Arizona next year, but for now she goes everywhere with Jake.  It’s nice, because he doesn’t have Norma anymore.  I am beginning to like getting together with Doug’s family now, where previously I had misgivings because of some of the guys I had to put up with.  But now it’s okay, because they most of the time behave.

Sandler and Young are singing O Holy Night now, and it is just quite nice to hear something from the old days for once.  Fall on your knees, O hear the angel voices, Gordon sang that in church tonight.  He is part of the musical family of the church, consisting of his dad, his nephew, and his brother, and himself.  We tease his brother, whose name is Glenn Campbell.  His son, Eric, plays for the youth group, and he is good.  Katie writes lyrics for him.  Eric’s wife, Amy, is my friend, as is Sondra, Gordon’s wife.  I really like all the Campbells.  Erma directs the choir, which is getting low on members, so maybe I should join for a while.  Have to get rid of this cold first.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Beautiful Story about the Meaning of Christmas.

There once was a man who was a good husband and father, who always provided for his family, but he just could not accept someone coming down from Heaven, becoming a man, and saving a world of humans from sin. He wanted to be honest about it, so when his wife and children wanted to go to church on Christmas Eve, he said he could not be a hypocrite, and so, although he would be waiting for them to come home from church, he would not go with them.

They left, and he said good bye to them, and then he sat down to read his newspaper. After a while the snow began to fall. Suddenly he heard thump, thump, thump, on the picture window, and thought it was children throwing snowballs on the window. He went out to tell them to stop, when as he walked outside into the weather, he saw it was a flock of birds wanting to get into the house to keep warm as it was very cold. They were hitting the glass, thinking it was not there. He said, “I must do something for these birds, for they are cold and need to keep warm.” He opened up the barn, and tried to get them to go into it, but they would not go. He put bread crumbs down to attract them to go in, but still they would not go. He even tried to chase them in, but they would not go. Then, he thought, “If I only could become a bird, I could save these birds.” Just as he was thinking that, the church bells began to ring, sounding the message of Christmas. This man suddenly realized the full meaning of Christmas, that God sent His Son down to become a man to save us, just as he wished he could become a bird to save these birds. The man fell to his knees, and accepted Christ just then.

If our greatest need were for information,

God would have sent an educator.

If our greatest need had been for technology,

God would have sent a scientist.

If our need were for money,

God would have sent a banker of financier.

If our need were for entertainment,

God would have sent an entertainer.

But our greatest need was none of these.

Our problem was sin and our need was forgiveness,

And therefore, God sent a Savior.